K-Pop Agencies of the Entertainment Industry and Their Plans for the Current Year

Entertainment industry always has new things to present every year. That’s because the agencies always plan everything ahead and get things ready beforehand. If that’s the case, you must have been wondering just what they have planned for this year, right? kmazing will reveal them all for you. Some of them can be found in this article. K-agencies have many promising things to expect in the future. Here, let us tell you what those things could be in this opportunity. They are worth knowing if you are interested in Korean entertainment industry. Let’s get down to this here below.

What Is Coming Up to Be Excited About

There are many agencies in Korean entertainment industry. Among them, you should be familiar with YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, FNC, Starship Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment. Each of those big names has planned to offer new stuff worth to be excited about this year. Don’t you feel the same too? From YG Entertainment for example, there seems to be new group to come this year. The results of YG show by the name of Treasure Box are what prove it to be true.

From JYP Entertainment, people can expect Japan dome tour this year. Start trainee Shin Ryu Jin will come along with the new girl group to look forward too. How about Big Hit Entertainment? From this agency, there are talks about new by group instead. It seems to consist of five young members in their mid-late teens. Pledis Entertainment also brings about the news of SEVENTEEN’s global activities. So, you just need to look forward to it. Of course, there are more plans to come. Kmazing has everything to know of the latest news.

Description: Kmazing has the latest news about Korean entertainment agencies that have shared their future plans. There are new group, global tour, and more to come.

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